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Serving the Clarington Region for Over 23 Years

Get in the Swing with Our Golf Fit Program

Our Golf Fit program at The Active Recovery Clinic in Courtice caters to the special needs of injured golfers. This program incorporates the latest scientific knowledge in assessing and treating golf-related injuries. While many golfers invest in expensive equipment to improve their game, often it is their fitness ability that affects their score and performance. Fitness, which involves posture, trunk stability, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, and cardiovascular ability, plays a significant role in optimal performance.

Our registered physiotherapists are trained to assess your golf fitness abilities and address any physical restrictions. Based on the assessment and your goals, we create an individualized program specifically tailored to train your golf muscles. During the second visit, we will discuss and demonstrate the program, followed by scheduled follow-up visits to progress your training.

Whether you want to enhance your strength, flexibility, agility, balance, and cardio fitness or require injury-specific care, our Golf Fit program in Courtice is suitable for all golfers. Take advantage of this scientifically based program to elevate your golfing experience and improve your overall performance. If you’re experiencing pain, we’ll provide targeted care to address your specific injuries. Get started with our Golf Fit program today and elevate your game!

How Periodized Programs Enhance Golf Performance

During the early pre-season phase, players are gearing up for the upcoming season and gradually increasing their training intensity after a break. The main focus is on building functional strength and, to some extent, muscle bulk (hypertrophy).

As the start of the season approaches, players intensify their training to reach peak performance. The emphasis shifts to building maximum power to excel on the course.

Now in the midst of competition or regular recreational golf, players aim to maintain their strength and power at their peak levels to perform at their best.

During the closed season, it's time to take a break and rest, but staying active is crucial for a flying start in the next year. The emphasis is on recovery with light activities like cross-training and light gym work.

Please note that this a high level overview of the program, if you are interested in further information, please contact our sports physiotherapy in Courtice today!

It’s essential to recognize that golf requires a combination of aerobic fitness and strength. To avoid fatigue and maintain peak mental and physical performance during the last few holes of a round, additional aerobic conditioning is beneficial. While this program focuses on strength training, preparing well with additional cardio in the gym or on the road can give you a competitive edge on the fairway.

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